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Fire & Glory Outpouring Tour

Fire & Glory Outpouring Tour

STrike the ground

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How it started...

After stewarding extended revival in San Diego for over 2 years, 5 nights a week Wednesday-Sunday, we have felt from the Lord that it is time to begin to be more intentional on spreading the fires of revival.  Now, instead of hosting 5 nights a week solely in San Diego, we are hosting 4 nights in San Diego (Thursday - Sunday every week at 7pm). In addition, we are taking every Wednesday night this year to go mobile and travel all across the West Coast and to cities in other States to be more intentional on spreading the fires of revival. We are bringing our livestream, worship, and entire team from The Fire & Glory Outpouring with us to places that are hungry and willing to allow us to host one night revival strikes in their churches or regions. We are starting off with California but already are booked for places in Washington, Arizona, Missouri, and more. Please stay tuned to our website as we believe it is time to step into the word James Goll gave us about spearheading a West Coast Rumble move of the Spirit.

Jerame Nelson
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I repeatedly saw that Jerame and Miranda Nelson would be given a spear-heading assignment concerning this movement of signs and wonders where healing and miracles will eventually become easy. I saw many leaders being anointed for such a time as this.
— James Goll
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